Thursday, May 19, 2011

"If you build it they will come."

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. Perhaps it is because of the perpetual soundbite with the voice of James Earl Jones. The Field of Dreams was such a ridiculously satisfying fantasy.

The wonderful inspirational moral about that leap of faith. Build a baseball diamond in a cornfield and the undead, unsung heroes will come back and play for your personal enjoyment. You will save your farm because people will line up and pay a fortune to share this fantasy.

The leap of faith into the unknown. I look at my sister, Shazza. She started her business on a leap of faith and she is now enjoying this wonderful journey. Her store, idiosyncrazies is the coolest store ever!

As for me, I decided to invest a little in my art stuff. I purchased some displays, invested in some giclee printing and all of a sudden things are happening. I did not plan, I did not solicit, but I've been invited to an invitational show, asked to teach adult classes and I've been getting checks! I sold an original at the Degas show and a print at the school benefit.

Oh and I need them because I have agreed to a pay freeze (because we teachers are supposedly overpaid welfare queens), I have a kid in college and another kid who is a talented, traveling musician. She is going to Hawaii and was invited to play in Europe and oh (I have to pay for it)

A wise man, Robert Andriulli, once told me "Do not go out and look for showing opportunities. Wait until they come looking for you."

I never expect to live from the proceeds of my art making habit, but it's nice to get a few bucks and a little recognition.


dive said...

Yay Shazza and yay you, Neetzy.
You do giclee prints now? Damn, I'm tempted, but then what I really want is the real thing.
One day I'll scrape together enough cash to get across the pond, and when I do, I'll not be returning without at least one of your paintings.
Best of luck with the print enterprise.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Congratulations on the sale of your work, Neetzy. You are indeed a talented artist!

neetzy said...

Dive, People buy the prints but not the originals.?? Not necessarily a good thing

Janelle, You are too kind.