Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Degas Project - New Painting

Hello old friends,

Here is a painting at about 95% completion that I painted for the Degas Project held in York, PA.

The York Art Association invited thirty local artists to sketch and photograph dancers from the Greater York Dance Studio as long as we could come up with a somewhat finished and framed piece within three weeks. I brought my sketchbook and took about 200 photos on April 10th. The painting is due to Art Association tomorrow!

I photographed this painting on Monday afternoon using natural light. I must admit I took it back into the studio to touch it up and correct a few things.

I enjoyed painting the little dancers but I must admit I stretched them out a bit. In trying to capture their lovely movements I elongated their little legs, arms and particularly the neck on the girl to the left. I guess this was more of a Modigliani Project for me (haha).


Shazza said...

Hey sis - for only having 3 weeks to do this I think it looks great!

Terri said...

Anita, I think it's great! You captured the elegance of the girls along with their somewhat "still growing" youthfulness with the long limps- a happy accident if you didn't mean to!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous, Anita. Very reminiscent of a Degas. I'm sure you'll do well in the contest!!

neetzy said...

Thank you. The challenge was half the fun!

Terri, Thanks. I always value your opinion! I definitely "elongated" those limbs but I was trying to capture that gawky yet beautiful youth.

Deanna, Thanks. There is nothing to win in this contest. Maybe someone's Mom will want to buy it.

dive said...

Awesome, Neetzy!
I love the composition, the light, the colours, but most of all the fact that you've caught all three girls with their weight off their feet. They are forever up there, mid-leap, light as feathers, thumbing their noses at gravity.

Kat Mortensen said...

That is fantastic, Anita! Wow! You have really captured the Degas look and feel, but with a nice modern vibe.


neetzy said...

Thank you for being so perceptive. I was more interested in capturing exactly that feeling of movement than their portraits. I'm glad at least one person appreciated that!


Thank you! Degas was much more masterful but if I just caught a bit of the spirit I will consider it a success!