Sunday, March 6, 2011

Road Boating

Another boring day in Dover. We are expecting one to two inches of rain. A flood watch is in effect. The ground is saturated. The rivers are full. There is a creek in my yard.

I took a northward drive to New Cumberland to do a little shopping. The wipers were on high speed. I decided to shun the interstate and take back roads.

The drive north was uneventful. It seems that sane people stay at home.

On the trip home, many of the roads were slightly flooded with huge puddles. The meteorologists call this "ponding". I know well enough not to drive through any of the deep flash floods. A car could get carried away.

I noted that I could see the bottom. I could go for it.

Accelerate! SPLASH! A curtain of water covers the windows!

My oldest daughter is home on spring break. She was mildly amused.

I pick up the youngest who was performing at the spring musical. I told her the flooding had subsided but there were still major puddles to splash through.

We aimed, we hit. We splashed! The passenger side was washed in a sheet of water. Wheeee! Delaney laughed hysterically. "Do that again Mom!" We found another huge puddle and left a wake!

Delaney exclaimed "I always loved going through these puddles when I was little!"

I told her to stay a kid! We turned into our driveway.


dive said...

Yay, fun! Neetzy you have discovered "The English Way Of Driving." You'll cope very well if you come over here.

The Writing Goddess said...

Sounds like fun! Good for you for driving safely but enjoying the puddles anyway.

neetzy said...


I had no idea I was driving English style! I'd just have to adjust to the puddles on the driver's side! Can you believe the rain turned to snow overnight?

Writing Goddess,

Yes. I avoid the deep ones. What harm is a little puddle now and then. At last weather report, I heard the Susquehanna was rising to flood stage in Marietta.