Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Sorry, I am clean out of original titles. So, Jake will wish you a happy spring! Youngest daughter dressed Jake to greet the group of girls who were coming to help her celebrate sweet sixteen!

She dug up an old Hawaiian shirt foreshadowing perhaps her trip later this year? We purchased the hat and lei at the local Dollar store.

Jake looks comfortable on the front porch swing. (I can never get him to smile for photos).

We enjoyed the company of five teenage girls last night. They gushed over the super moon, watched the Road to El Dorado and Labyrinth, (for some reason, the latter has become THE birthday movie around here), ate pizza, tea sandwiches, hot brie and baguette, two pints of blueberries and Central Market cupcakes.

Morning activities included croissants and tie dye. No need to get dressed! By all means stay in your pajamas because we have no close neighbors.

I was surprised to learn that daughter's friends never learned to dip dye. (They've only tie-dyed with fancy squirt kits).

Well the purist old hippie art teacher has to show them how it is done.

The finished products are drying in the sun.

Today day and night are equal. The sun will soon be warming the earth.

Little green things are beginning to emerge.

Happy spring!


dive said...

Hoorah for Jake: King of Fashion. When you look that cool you don't need to smile.

A belated Happy Birthday to D.
Tie-dyeing is back in fashion? Woohoo! That makes me feel so old, Neetzy.
As does the fact that the sentence "We enjoyed the company of five teenage girls last night" no longer gives me the feeling it would have done in the past; indeed the very thought leaves me shuddering in horror. Hee hee.

Happy Spring to you all!

neetzy said...

Haha! Even though Jake sports the Max Headroom hair, he is still the "king". Yes teenagers think tie-dye is cool again. Unfortunately they have been spoiled by machine tie-dye and squirt kits!

Heehee on your "past thoughts"!