Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation Time

Hey all.  I'm on vacation this week.  We've had to downsize our vacation due to our new financial responsibility of tuition payments!  Yay!  No West Coast or Europe this year.

We are making our way up the east coast to see old friends.  First stop is East Milford, NJ.   My good friend lives on the New Jersey /New York border, north of the city, near the Tappan-Zee bridge, the widest part of the Hudson River. 

Next we are visiting our friend Linda in Milford, CT.  She was my "boss" in Philadelphia at the Blindness agency where I met my husband.  I have not seen Linda in over twenty years.

Finally we will spend a few days and nights in beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  We will visit wonderful old friends. 

 I have a cat painting I will probably post as well as photos of our trip when I get back.  Otherwise you probably will not hear from me for about a week. 



Katie said...

Have a fabulous vacation Neetzy! Say hi to the Cape for me -- haven't been there in years. Be sure to have some chowdah.

dive said...

Have a great vacation, Neetzy! Sounds like a marvellous itinerary.
As for not coming to Europe: I'm here and I can report that you're not missing much.

Take lots of lovely photos for us.