Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blackberry Road

Some of you know that I live in the middle of nowhere, U.S.A. which is smaller than Dive's Smallville.

We live on a three acre lot with agricultural/conservation zoning which was sold to us by our neighbor.

We decided to reforest about an acre. Unfortunately the Electric Co-0ps power lines cut through a bit of the reforested area. Last year they told us they had to cut a path through it. These were tree guys and we told them we wanted to preserve as much of the trees as possible. They were very considerate. We had other people who wanted to spray and kill everything. We would not allow this. Our neighbors allowed them to spray an area and they destroyed an entire patch of black raspberries.

Happily, last year's cut resulted in a flowering daisy meadow!

One of my little summer guilty pleasures is to take the dogs out in the morning for a bit of exercise.

I must confess that while the family thinks I'm exercising, I am actually foraging for berries.

In my little wooded corner of nowhere, I have thickets of black raspberry in June, and several varieties of blackberries in July.

These delectable treats while abundant will never be made into jam or a pie. I've been there, done that.

Not as long as they are part of my morning walk.

When they are fresh, they are healthy, full of fiber and not coated with sugar. I can gobble them up without much guilt.

A pie would transform these into a sinful indulgence. So I will enjoy these in July, fresh and sweet. Sugar is not necessary. I may not burn as many calories from walking fast, but I think of all the calories I've saved from not making them into pie.

More importantly, there is something about berry picking that transforms me into a kid again. I love the hunting, I love the gathering. I just don't like to share the harvest. And by the way, I do live on Blackberry Road.


dive said...

Mmmm … Blackberries!
You sure can't beat good fresh wild food, Neetzy. You are so lucky to live where you are.

neetzy said...

Dive, I could probably live on these but I'd be pooping purple just like the birds.

L. D. Burgus said...

I see them do that in Minnesota and they do let the weeds and wild flowers come back. We have that Queen Anne's Lace here also and it is so nice to see.

Kat said...

Great post, Neetzy! I can remember picking wild raspberries on the dirt road that led to my cousin's cottage on the point of East Bay in Cape Breton. They've never ever tasted better anywhere else!
I commend you on your master plan. You are so right; a pie would indeed make them into something much more guilt-inducing.


Kat said...

P.S. I tried to visit your 'hood through the other night, but was dismayed to find you're "off the map".

neetzy said...


We have the Queen Anne's lace like crazy here as well. I thought of trying to paint some, but then thought again. I have a loose style I have been painting a cat in a very richly furnished interior. It is driving me a little bonkers!

neetzy said...


I am still resolved to eat them au naturel! Once their in a pie I am subject to limits!

I'm surprised you couldn't find us. We can be found using google maps satellite!