Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Philadelphia You!

Okay. I promise I won't write too much. This is an aerial view of Philadelphia taken from above the waterworks, behind the art museum. Yeah, those steps that Rocky climbed.

What do you see in this picture?

Go Flyers!


Katie said...

Cool perspective. I can't say I see much though, as it's a teeny photo. And now I'm humming the theme to Rocky -- thanks a lot!

willow said...

I love Philly. My daughter did her post grad work there and we visited quite often. I had to visit the art museum every time!

(clicked on the pic to take a closer look, but hard to tell)

neetzy said...

Hey Katie,

My daughter will be going to school there in the fall. Thought this picture was interesting.

My daughter will be starting as an undergrad at UArts - the school established by the Museum. Sorry. I might be seeing things that others do not!

Brown said...

the pen is green.

neetzy said...


Thank you. Finally. Some things only poets and artists see.

neetzy said...

Instead of "I heart NY", maybe "Philly is exciting, (excited), driven, upstanding, standout, rocking, big, bigger, biggest, best!

Shazza said...

I think my mind is looked a little phallic to me.

neetzy said...

Yay Shazza. You are as warped as me!