Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed Again

Remember that 1970s poster, "Stoned Again" with the melting face?
Didn't everyone post that on their bedroom wall?

Anyway. We are "enjoying" our second Nor'easter in five days. Remember the grill picture I posted Saturday?

Here is an update. Posted about an hour ago. We've gotten another 18+ inches today.

By the way, that little yellow building in the background is my "studio" or , um, "painting shed". It might be a while before I can post those paintings I've been working on.

My amazing husband shoveled a path to the birdfeeders.

We had no room to put the can anywhere else after the weekend's twenty-two inch snowfall.

Doug started plowing last night. He plowed twice this morning before the brakes went out.

I guess we're snowed in (again). No melting faces anymore. We still have some wine from our January run to Baltimore!

Freja and Fiona enjoying a romp in the "plowed" driveway.

I think it needs to be plowed again. I'm still in my pajamas. I'm betting on a snow day tomorrow.

I'm ready for spring!


Lulubelle B said...

I feel your pain. We got 34" over the weekend. The airport got another 20 inches today, and we're not done yet. Not sure what the local tally's gonna be, but it's gonna be ugly. [sigh]

neetzy said...


You got it worse than us. We got 22" and then another 20" at least. Its hard to measure when there is already so much on the ground. I'm looking forward to June!

dive said...


neetzy said...


Yikes is right! I'll peak out around April.