Saturday, February 20, 2010

Deadlines, Due Dates and Drama

Yikes! Yuck and Yahoo.

It seems like February was all about the above. Daughter's portfolio submission deadlines and prep for my upcoming solo exhibit. This is my first solo by the way. I've been a featured artist at the Red Raven, but it wasn't solo. I shared my exhibition with one or two or three other artists.
This is my first totally solo exhibit.

So I've been holeing up in my shed, painting away. Okay I promised to post, but I lied. I mean, painting is just one of those things. I could never be a daily painter. I admire those people. But painting to me is one of those spiritual things. I go. I paint. Sometimes things work. Sometimes they don't. I've made some major breakthroughs. I've been struggling with certain aspects. I haven't been ready to post.

The show is the entire month of March. I have to get my paintings in by March 1st. Annelise had her portfolio review to UArts February 5th. MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) required everything by February 13th.

I had to help her as her Art teacher could not. So I've been editing and posting her art, not mine.

By the way, she got accepted into UArts with a $56,000 scholarship ($14,000 a year for four years). UArts is her first choice. A university in Philadelphia with three schools - Art & Design, Performing Arts and Communication Arts.

Oh, that, uh snow thing. We had 44 inches in a week. I feel I lost a week or so.

I've been doing Bernatio, reveling in my daughter's acceptance, trying to get my show together. I keep fooling around with the paint. I'm sitting on that tiny precipice between revelation and ruination. Sorry. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I cleaned up my language a bit. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I've been listening to Modest Mouse and they swear a lot. (They are excellent to paint to, however!)

Oh the drama thing. My kids are both involved in the spring musical. The show is the first weekend of March.


Janelle Goodwin said...

It's okay if we have to wait to see your paintings. I'm sure it will be worth the wait! I can so relate to making your kids a first priority. Been there, done that! In fact my youngest daughter is still living at home while finishing here Library of Science degree. Sounds like your daughter is very talented indeed!

dive said...

Hoorah for your daughter's acceptance, Neetzy. That's awesome! Yay, Annelise!

And Ooooooo … I am so excited about your first solo show! Do let us know all about it (with pictures) as soon as you have a moment … which will probably be sometime around 2020 I suppose.

Good luck with the show!

neetzy said...

Thanks Janelle! I've been a bit overwhelmed, but good things are happening. The things we do for our kids! I called my framer and she is out of town. I went to another framer and am paying through the nose. My one painting is so thick with paint I don't think it will ever dry!

Thanks so much. My daughter is very excited. Her obsession with Japanese Anime is finally paying off! I will have to post some of her art!

And the show will be here way too soon. What was I thinking?

I'm sorry, I will go edit my post and clean up my language. I'm glad you are not offended.


jeannette stgermain said...

Anyone would be overwhelmed in your place -so many important things all happening at once. Great that Annalise got accepted! Take care and hope you have a smashing show!

neetzy said...

Thanks Jeannette,

I wish I had time to photograph my new paintings before the show. I'm happy with most of them. Most of them are at the framer. I will make a concerted effort to do this before I send them off.

dive said...

Neetzy: I really think your daughters should have a guest spot on the blog to show off their creativity.

neetzy said...

I agree Dive. I just don't know if she will allow "me" to post her stuff. She posts her own on DeviantArt all the time.