Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween Everyone! I found all these lovely photos on the internet. Not one is an original photo.
In my defense, I will state that the entire Williams family, having succumbed to the H1N1 virus, aka Swine Flu, have been a bit delirious as of late.
I feel that I've missed my favorite time of year.
Fall is the time that I am typically painting out of doors. I did paint on the one day I wasn't running a fever. It was also the one day it didn't rain. The painting sucks.
Instead, I am surfing the internet for outrageous Halloween Costumes. A Kate Gosselin wig! Who woulda thunk? Doesn't everyone want to be Kate? Okay. There is the tacky and the tasteless and then there is the amazing!
This one is really, really amazing! Tasteful, creative, beautiful. I would do this.

This is what Halloween is all about folks. A chance to transform yourselves into an imaginary spirit, sprite, creature, monster or whatever. Have fun being creative.
Our school district outlawed costumes back when my oldest was in first grade.
They claimed it was "devil worship". These were the same people who put Dover on the map for "Intelligent Design".
And then we have Martha.
This little ditty was credited to the American icon "Martha Stewart" . WTF?
Uuhh? I wouldn't dress my child like the Thanksgiving turkey?
That is too effing weird.

Thankfully, the baby is just enjoying the attention.


dive said...

Woah! That middle costume is awesome, Neetzy!
I was lucky this year; the weather sucked and kept the kids indoors so I could get some sleep (as I have to be up at 4:40 I tend to go to sleep just when the trick or treaters start up which usually means I get woken up by having my windows egged, the little b******s).
Yay for sucky weather!

Maria said...

I feel your pain. Liv was diagnosed with h1n1 yesterday. Ugh.

neetzy said...


No one ventures to our house in the woods. We are too far off the beaten path. We used to have to take our kids to a "neighborhood". I do enjoy a great costume!


Oh No! I hope she's okay. Luckily it is not a bad as they previously thought. We all survived.