Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steam Punk Fashion

Tomorrow, Monday, is my official first day back to the 2009-2010 Academic year.

Who knows what my fashion conscious high school students will be wearing?

My oldest daughter, a senior this year, wants to go "Steam Punk" .

Pictured is a Steam Punk fashion show from the 2009 Otakon festival in Baltimore, Maryland. (We spent the weekend after our California adventure in Baltimore with five teenage girls).

I am not an expert on "Steam Punk" but it's all about metal and gears, leather, bustierres, uniforms, piratey stuff, etc. Metal breastplates are cool, as are prosthetic arms and other devices.

"Brown" is the new black. I have been gradually adding brown to my daughter's black wardrobe. Lucky for me, brown and black still go together.

(Note some of the interesting audience members).

Pair your metal breastplate, with flowing, peasant skirts, pirate pants and gears.

Metal jet packs are all the rage!
I'm thinking the Mad Max movies were the inspiration for these as cool old fashioned goggles are in.

This one is the best! I'm not sure if the wings work or not.
In this seminar, my daughters and their three friends learned the ins and outs of the steam punk fashion rage.
Back to school shopping has become a bit more difficult. Where do I get this stuff?
I have found pirate pants and peasanty, blouses. We got a "uniform" type jacket at Alcatraz.
Oh, and I would have been so into this when I was that age.
Stay tuned for more Otakon fun, including the Gothic Lolita fashion show!


Katie said...

I can't believe how out-of-it I am with regard to fashion. Steam Punk? Talk about WTF! Looks a bit "Princess Bride" meets "Iron Man" to me. What's with all the bored looking people in the audience of the fashion show? These outfits look wildly fun to me! I so want to see a photo of you in pirate pants, a peasant blouse and your Alcatraz jacket. Best of luck on your first day back to school.

neetzy said...

Oh no Katie! I would not, could not wear the pirate pants! My eldest daughter is the one into this stuff.

The bored looking people are the Otakon (Anime convention)geeks who were hoping the catch the gothic Lolitas. Some of them dress up (cosplay). Some come just to gawk. Hubby and I used to just drop the kids off, but now we sit at the little cafe across the street, have a brew and watch the show! It is wildly entertaining.

dive said...

Hoorah for Otakon!
Boy howdy, Neetzy, the fashion shows your side of the pond leave ours way behind.
Professional! Yay!
I must confess I go as much to look at the parents and geeks as I do to see the frankly embarrassingly bad costumes we have here.
There's one here in October. I think I'll be in Paris but I'll check the dates and if I can make it I'll take my camera.

Maria said...

I am such a backwoods geek.

This stuff does not look fun to me at all. It looks ridiculous and uncomfortable. My first thought was "How on earth can that model sit down comfortably?" I'm all about comfort.

Shazza said...

OMG - Daughter A is turning into Xena the Warrior Princess!!!!

neetzy said...


We've made Otakon an annual outing. It's so much fun to gawk. We also found a wonderful arts fest on the same weekend.


Mind you these are the EXTREME get-ups! Daughter only wears the pirate pants and would like to accessorize with a few metal gears. She'll have to wait until she's 21 to wear the metal bustierre! I agree with you. I am into comfort.


My daughter as Xena? That is hilarious! Fortunately she doesn't quite "sex" it up like Xena. At least not yet. She's looking at college now for next year so who knows?

Kate said...

Linking through from Dive-

My daughter is only 10, and I think it will take a while for Steam Punk to make it to Utah. Do I have this to look forward to?

neetzy said...


Don't worry. My daughter is a little on the "fringe". Most kids around here are not into this!

Poetikat said...

Oh, me too! I would have been all over this in my school daze.
I don't know if I could have given up my black though.
Reminds me of "The Fifth Element" or "Strange Days" for some reason.

Post a photo of your daughter in her version of Steam Punk (you don't have to show her face, if you don't want to--for safety reasons, nothing else).


neetzy said...


I don't usually post my daughters on the blog. There are a few on Facebook. Check my Otakon post from 2008 and you might find her in Cosplay (dressing up like an Anime character). She is wearing black in my Facebook photos.