Saturday, April 4, 2009

Darwin Does Dover

Darwin Does Dover. Hee Hee. Do you remember the Intelligent Design Debate? Of course you do. Well folks, I live in the land of Intelligent Design, Dover, Pennsylvania, US of A. Back in February I drove to the end of my road to find this sign. Darwin in Dover. Ha Ha, HeeHee. I wanted to take a photo, but missed the opportunity. I found this on Flicker. Yay Flicker!

I lived through this. The right-wing, uber-conservative Christians tried to take over the school district and enforce the teaching of creationism. We went to the school board meetings and tried to convince these eejits that they were eejits but they would not listen to us. They would not let us speak.

I know you think we Dover-ites are a bunch of po-dunk rednecks but there are some of us that are a bit more educated. We did defeat these bastards. They lost their court case and they all lost their school board positions.

We chose to live here because of the natural beauty of the area (you have seen the photos) and the proximity to major metropolitan areas such as DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. We love this area. Do not let these people take over your school board. It was an organized effort during the Bush administration. I think they are still around. Whoever posted the sign, "Thank you!" I laughed every morning on my way to work.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Neetzy, You crack me up! I guess you're not the kind of person to sit in a corner. By the way, every time I have computer glitches, which are a lot lately, I think of your digital immigrant post. Now I use that as my excuse to my twentysomethings!

dive said...

Woohoo, Neetzy!
Yay for the power of reason triumphing over the feeble-minded fantasists!
I love that sign. Awesome!

Winifred said...

Oh dear what a to do. They must be nutters. Darwinism doesn't mean you can't believe in creation.
Never mind reason won out in the end. You just have to be on the look out.

Maria said...

I live in Nebraska. We have our share....

neetzy said...

I can't help it. I am just a tad opinionated. My mouth gets me into trouble a lot.

Heehee. Fox News made a big fuss over this sign. I didn't see the broadcast, but found it on YouTube when I was looking for the photo.

Of course it doesn't, but the nut cases around here seemed to think so. Unfortunately, the ID case made National News and set a precedent in educational law. We will literally never hear the end of it.

I'm sure you do. Just don't let them take over your school board. It seems to be the hidden agenda behind "tax cuts".

Poetikat said...

There should be room for everyone's position - even should they be wrong.


neetzy said...


Of course there's room. You just had to be here during the Intelligent Design fiasco to appreciate what happens when certain individuals try to force Christianity into public schools. (You and I didn't have to worry about it in Catholic school).

Poetikat said...

Hey, Neetzy! I just saw your comment at Shaz's on The Big Bang Theory. Is that not the greatest show?
I love Sheldon and Penny together. Hilarious.
"Knock knock! Penny! Penny! Penny!

Too funny!


Shazza said...

You go Sis! I tell everyone I know about where you live and the battle you won!

I'm so proud of the Dover-ites!

neetzy said...


I swear I know these guys!


Thanks. All power to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.