Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chalk it Up! YorkArts High School Chalk Mural Competition

Hello good blog friends. I hope none of you feel insulted that Neetzy hasn't visited your blogs lately. I've just been busy with my kids. My own and my students. Yesterday, my high school art club participated in "Chalk it Up". This is an annual public art event which is held at a local shopping mall. My students are wearing their awesome blue smocks. In this photo, two of my students are "pouncing" (transferring an enlarged drawing onto our huge canvas 108 x 80). You will see this drawing eventually. If I uploaded my photos in a logical order, the pounced transfer would have been next. Since I do not have the capacity to function logically, you will see it at the end! Sorry. My bad.

In this photo, two of my students were adding a very interesting border. I noticed that my Art One student, "Peighton" has an excellent talent for design. I asked her to make an excellent border. You must admit, this is pretty cool. The dirty cushions I provided for the students to work on the cold, tile floor. (These were my old porch furniture cushions) I would have thrown them out, but they came in handy yesterday.

This is Beth's transferred creature. Pouncing is a transfer method which was used by Italian Renaissance artists. We punched pinholes in the drawing and placed it over our amazing black primed canvas. We rubbed the drawing with a pouch filled with baby powder. The image was transferred onto the canvas. Now Beth will do her magic with chalk and pastels.
Stay tuned. My camera's battery died. One of my students had a better camera. I am hoping she has photos of the finished product. We didn't win anything, but I think we should have. We had a fun time. The mural will be on display for a year. My students had the experience of making public art!


Shazza said...

Cool Neetz - looking forward to the finished product pictures~

neetzy said...

I have not been able to use my computer for 3 days. Thanks for the response. This is either completely boring or no one's blogging lately.

Katie said...

What a cool project! I really like seeing all this creativity from your students. Amazing what one can do with chalk.

Don't worry, I think there's a world-wide blogger fatigue thing going around. Blame it on Spring!

neetzy said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks. I'll post the final product eventually. My camera died. My student brought in her memory card but it didn't work on my school computer. We had a great time and our mural wasn't bad.

I'll blame spring. It is intoxicating!

Poetikat said...

I missed this post before, but noticed it on my dashboard reader.
What a cool method. I've never heard of "pouncing". You're right, your student has an "excellent" talent - that border is terrific!
I like the cushions - the colours actually remind me of your painting in the most recent post.


neetzy said...


The cushions are my old porch furniture cushions which were exploited by the cat and dog and stained with red clay soil!