Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preserved Farmland Trust Painting

Here is the painting I've been working on for the Preserved Farmland Trust of York County, Pennsylvania. Thirty local artists were invited to participate. Each artist was assigned a preserved farm.

I was assigned to the 400 acre Snyder family farm in nearby Mount Wolf. I was given one day in July to sketch and photograph and gather a general impression of the land. The owner agreed to meet me at 6:00 p.m. one evening. I drove around with my sketchbook and camera, wishing that I had time to paint on location.

The cause is worthy. The owners of beautiful farmland agree to preserve their land in order to maintain some of the rural character of our county for future generations. The land directly across the road from this farm was turned into a typical sprawling suburban subdivision. I'm sure it was somewhat profitable for the owners, but much more so for the developers. Just beyond the ridge of hills there lies shopping centers, car dealerships, and traffic. The tower of he trash incinerator is visible, but not prominent on the horizon.

I am honored by the invitation to participate in this exhibit. There are some well known artists participating that I consider way above my league!


dive said...

A very good cause and a great painting, Neetzy. I love that sky. I mean I love the whole thing - the colours are amazing - but the sky just reached out and grabbed me.

neetzy said...

Thank you Dive. It was actually very overcast and drab. I felt that I needed to jazz it up a bit!

Speedway said...

When I moved here, there was a horse farm near the highway, about 5 miles away. In spring and summer the field were occupied by sleek bay mamas and their foals. One day, they were gone, then replaced by cheaply made, overpriced houses. Sad when land begins to be worth more than the animals on it. Too bad all that will be left are memories and paintings.

Your painting is beautiful, Neetzy, and the farmer should be supported and congratulated for putting the price of his land above money.

neetzy said...

Speedway, Thank you. A very similar "cheap" development was built across the street from this farm about ten years ago. There are still a few horses grazing here on the Snyder farm.

Barbara Pask said...

A very lovely painting, wonderful colors and great brush work.