Monday, July 4, 2011

Non-objective Water Media Fun

When I feel I'm in a painting slump, the best thing for me to do is play with paint. So I took out all manner of water media, and started pouring . Dr. Martin's inks and pourable acrylics and watercolor pencils. This is just a fun exercise when I feel my oil painting is getting too tight, or I'm overworking things to death. Lately I've had that feeling....

I am at the brink. I feel pure, creative genius coming on, then paint, paint, paint....Some ridiculous music has spurred me on. I walk out the door. I come back one hour later and the canvas looks like cat vomit.

Well the sure cure is to pour. Then I can come back with some more opaque stuff and see if I can find anything interesting. These might be painting starts or nothing at all, but sometimes I am happier with these than the planned stuff.

Oh and excuse the non-existent cropping and crappy picture quality. My laptop does not have Photoshop and the photo editing software is crap.


dive said...

Hey! No fair! You can even make watercolours look like oils.
These are brilliant, Neetzy. Like stained glass windows with a hangover. I love 'em.

Until I sorted her out with a full licence, my Mum used Photoshop Elements (the cut down version). It comes free with most scanners and is dirt cheap even without them. It does most of what Photoshop does (except at the pro level).
Another option might be Graphic Converter. I've used that as my main photo browser and translator since the days of greyscale computers and the very first jpegs.
It's fifteen dollars and I still use it for all my blog photos. Give it a go.

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive,

Stained glass with a hangover. I LOVE it!
I have a title!

I have Photoshop Elements on my husband's desktop (but he was using it). I also have the full Photoshop on my old laptop which is packed away somewhere. I was just trying to quickly post these and tried whatever was here. Obviously I didn't like it. Call it laziness or just trying to quickly get something new posted. Sorry.

dive said...

Hee hee. It doesn't sound like laziness, it sounds like too many computers (says the man with seven Macs littering the house).

neetzy said...

Well Dive I pulled out my older laptop with Photoshop CS4. I found some photos I'd forgotten about. You do not want to know how many computers, both PCs and Macs we have around here. We have six up and running now and probably about a dozen in the basement.

dive said...

It must be a thing with arty people. That's my excuse. No way am I going to admit to hoarding and laziness … er.

neetzy said...

Your secret is safe with me Dive!

Maria said...

I love the rust juxtaposed against the blue.

neetzy said...

Thanks Maria! I'm just playing with color and design. These might become paintings or painting starts. I went out to my shed to oil paint today and then sat out on my deck and poured and spritzed. It was very liberating!

Kat Mortensen said...

I love these! I wonder if I can apply the same technique to my poetry? I'll just lay it all out there and see what I can make of it.

Beautiful colour, as always!