Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming of Age - The Elusive Job Hunt

Daughter A has been home from college for a month now. While I love her dearly I am ready for her to not be here so much. Daughter D's last school day was Tuesday.

Now you can understand my reason for helping with the job search.

Oh it has been extremely frustrating. All of the retail outlets and food outlets must be swamped with applicants as none of them ever bother to contact us. The girls follow up with phone calls and hear all manner of excuses.

Finally Mom's ingenious idea: The Temp Agency. I used to use these agencies when I was young and inexperienced. I landed a few nice little busywork jobs filing and typing and filling envelopes and such, but they were resume builders.

I helped A to build up her resume. Highlight skills: Adept at Photoshop, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, yadayadayada. Beef up the National Honor Society and 500 letters to soldiers and Vice Captain of the Fencing club to compensate for her lack of actual "work" experience.

It helped so much that she became overqualified for work in the cookie factory. (Not exactly what we were going for)

Then the Volkswagen dealer was looking for someone with her exact qualifications but wanted a permanent commitment. (No chance)

Will try another temp agency tomorrow. Funny, when I was her age they were always looking for clerical people.

This teen boredom might be the reason there are so many cute cat internet pictures, videos, games, etc.


Janelle Goodwin said...

I used to hate it when people wouldn't get back to my daughter after submitting a resume. But I guess that's a luxury they have now with the internet age. Temp agencies are a good idea!

dive said...

Good luck with the job hunting, Neetzy. If she could commute to England every day to temp for an Architect I could probably find her something to do, though the pay might not cover the travelling expenses.

neetzy said...

Hey Janelle,

Thanks for stopping! This is so frustrating for the both us. The internet application process is extremely frustrating with the online personality profile quizzes. One can never tell how to answer these.

Dive, I'll send her right over. Can you find her a cheap flat?

dive said...

I have a shed if she doesn't mind spiders.

neetzy said...


She likes spiders if they are cute. First she will have to find a way to pay for her ticket over there!

dive said...

Hee hee, Neetzy. We have the giant house spider over here (Tegenaria duellica), which loses all "cute" contests hands down and can run straight at you at almost ten feet a second. I don't go in the shed unless I am desperate for a rarely used tool.

neetzy said...

I think she'll pass on your shed Dive. But thank you for offering!