Monday, April 11, 2011

Chalk it Up!

Every year the YorkArts organization hosts the Chalk it Up! Mural competition for high school students. I was happy to sponsor two teams from my high school's National Art Honor Society. It is a fun, but stressful afternoon. The students must complete a carpet sized chalk mural on canvas in four and a half hours.

The first photo is of Team #1's finished mural. (Sorry it was a little difficult to photograph). This mural took second place in the competition. Eighteen teams participated.

If you click on this photo you might be able to see some of the rich textures applied by these wonderful students!

Team#2 is working very hard on their mural. Rachel loves to draw dragons and imaginary creatures. I think she did an incredible job. Unfortunately her team did not win anything.

It must be very difficult for these young students to work on such a collaborative mural.

Personalities and heads tend to clash, coupled with a short deadline. One student lost an Ipod.

All in all the results these year were tenfold greater than the last two years!

The kids are covered with chalk and pastel.

The public is amazed that our students are so talented.

If we do not support the arts, opportunities like this will disappear.

Our governor wants to make drastic cuts in school funding.


dive said...

Woah! That's a whole lot of work, Neetzy. A pox on budget cuts for the arts and education! I wonder how many dollars each party will spend over the next couple of years on that disgusting display of smears, attack ads and lies that makes the American version of democracy a laughing stock around the world. Grr!
Hoorah for art students (even if getting them to work collaboratively is like herding cats). Get 'em all together on a sneak night attack to cover the governor's mansion in one huge mural.
Then vote the bastard out.

neetzy said...


Thanks so much. The kids worked so hard. They got it done. Tomorrow I'm taking some of them to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Some chose not to go as they do not appreciate "Warhol". He is a state and national treasure BTW.
The gov might cooperate if we "rich" teachers take pay cuts.