Monday, November 22, 2010

Art School Fencing!

My daughter is a fencing fool! She joined the fencing club at the University of the Arts and is absolutely hooked. Be it known that this is her first fencing experience and she is the beast!
She is the petite 5'2" freshman facing the much larger male opponent. My fearless freshman lost this match by one point, 4-3. She went on to win two other "bouts" against much larger males! Way to go Annelise. Behind her is her good friend and fellow animation major, Giselle. Most of the fencing club is made up of animation majors. In fact, the coach is her animation professor!
She is having an absolutely amazing time and cannot wait for fencing every Monday and Thursday night! What a way for a tiny teen to feel empowered!


Janelle Goodwin said...

Wow, fencing! How cool is that! I bet you're very proud.

neetzy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Janelle!

I cannot believe how much she LOVES fencing! I am proud of that! She is finding her way at college.

Daughter A said...

4 to 3? Mom, I think I lost that bout hideously. :T He was an upperclassman, and a lefty to boot!

neetzy said...

Daughter A,

Oops. Wrong bout! A lefty! Sorry, Dad was taking the pictures. Can you ever forgive me? Thanks for visiting my blog and correcting me!

Ben Birk said...

So cool. I have always wanted to learn fencing. I hope she keeps it up.