Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baltimore's Harbor View

Baltimore Harbor from the Marriott Harbor View. Our Priceline bargain during Otakon.

I was going to write about the Racist Tea Party, but I became angry. I felt my blood pressure rise. I viewed photos of Christine O'Donnell who magically transformed herself to become a twin of Sarah Palenut. Funny, I watched my sister-in-law start the transformation about two years ago. It started with the glasses. Opticians now carry more Palinesque glasses than you can imagine!

I started fuming about the stupid tea-baggers. Glenn Beck holding his rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech. My blood began to boil as students had their parents call in to prohibit them from listening to Obama's address to school children.

What happened to common respect? What happened to listening to the president's address just to hear what he had to say? After the address you can bash the hell out of it. You can disagree, find fault, make fun, throw darts, etc. We did this with the Bushes. We did this with Reagan. We even did it with Clinton. They are politicians for god's sake. They deserve to be questioned.
We've always made fun of politicians. That is expected.

But disallowing children to listen? Why? Because he might convert them to socialism? He might be a Muslim? He only wanted to encourage them to do their best in school.

No. I believe it is because he is black. I have never witnessed such sheer disrespect toward any American president. You can disagree with him. Just listen first.
Enjoy the photos while you ponder my rant. These were taken from an I-phone.


willow said...

Wow! Your phone took fabulous pics. (the tea-baggers make me angry)

dive said...

Great views, Neetzy; both the photos and of course your own admirable opinion of the insanity currently gripping the ignorant and bigoted half of the US population.
Of course I would say that, being a Socialist. Hee hee.

neetzy said...


What a great hotel for $82.00 a night! I was not going to rant about the Tea-baggers, but I couldn't help myself!

Dive, Ha!

Thanks. I'm glad you appreciate my "point" of view. I'm glad you realize that not all of us are Idiots!

Shazza said...

Rant away Anita - I agree with you. The Teabaggers are scary enough without a bunch of Palin clones running around. eeeks.

neetzy said...

They really are a bunch of "lost" sheep aren't they? Followers, every single one of them.

Yes they are dittoheads, Beckheads, and FoxNews heads. They do what they are told.