Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adventure a Week Challenge!

Hello blogging friends! It is a new year and I have decided to meet a challenge! A blogger from Ravenswood Illinois has challenged people the world over to forget "resolutions" and try a new tack. Why not embark on an adventure a week. I decided this was much more to my liking than a stupid, boring resolution. I mean, I try to lose those same ten pounds every year!

Okay my adventure of the week - Clean out the pantry. Try to find Doug's little Ipod shuffle. (The new micro-mini shuffle). Those of you that know me well, know that I hate cleaning projects. Doug prompted this adventure.

It was a good thing. We organized our empty wine bottles. These are wines that we liked in 2009. Note the international flavor. We liked wine from France, Italy, South Africa and Argentina. We keep the bottles so that we can find them again!

We also have two cases of wine that we have to drink this year! We'll keep you posted.

When you clean a room, you always find some kind of treasure. Here is what I found. This treasure was given to my by my Jesuit Uncle Paul!

I am going to try to start an adventure each week! It might be mundane. It might be stupid. I just like the concept! Care to join me? I will look forward to seeing your adventures.


Shazza said...

I'm in! I'll post my "adventure" tomorrow. First on the list - clean the garage! oy

Katie said...

What a fun idea! Well, not if all the adventures involve cleaning. But I do need to clean out under the bed, which could be a real adventure involving battling dust bunnies. I'm actually going on a real adventure next month, so maybe I'll just save up until then.

neetzy said...

Shazza yay!

They don't have to be "cleaning" adventures! I just made an adventure out of cleaning and it was more fun.

Please,please! Do not limit yourself to cleaning! Some people are traveling to great places (like you) or doing the polar bear plunge for the first time. It could be trying a new food or drink! I look forward to hearing all about your adventure!

dive said...

One adventure a year is more than enough for me, Neetzy, though you certainly look like you're having fun.

Katie said...

Ok, I went WAY out on a limb today adventure-wise and ordered a new pair of glasses after wearing the same style for nearly 10 years. Yikes, what have you started?!

neetzy said...

Hey Dive,

Anything can be an adventure!


New glasses. Yay! Glasses can be fun. I just got new ones this fall! Any silly thing can be an adventure. I just like the "attitude" of adventure!

Maria said...

Unfortunately, adventures seem to seek me out whether I seek them or not...

neetzy said...


That can be a good thing!!