Monday, March 2, 2009

Almost Spring?

Hopefully this is the "beginning of the end" of winter. Old March is coming in like a lion. While I'm quite tired of winter, I enjoyed the surprise snow day. (I needed a rest after two full days of weekend class). So here's my attempt to catch some of those beautiful late afternoon shadows on our snow covered landscape. I took my camera and the dogs to see what I could find. The shadows were a little "softer" than I expected but still beautiful. These are some photos of our little reforested area. We let about a quarter of an acre grow wild. The red cedar trees have gotten quite tall. It has become quite the little habitat for all sorts of creatures.

More reforestation.

Our Flying Scot looking quite cold and lonely in the snow. The tarp keeps getting blown off. We took this up to the Finger Lakes for a couple of summers. We will probably put it up for sale. This is a nice little "day sailer" but we miss the Chrysler.

Fiona and Freja frolicking. I had a sillier picture, but uploaded this one twice. (I'm a digital immigrant you know).
I promised I wouldn't go on another tirade.
That's all for our little piece of the storm. We didn't get too much snow here. Shazza got about a foot in Jersey.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Neetzy, Thanks for sharing your pictures, they're beautiful. Looks like the doggies are having a great time. Just to let you know, my daughter (24) broke up with her long time boyfriend because he couldn't ignore technology! His face was always on his laptop, that he took everywhere or he was one his phone. And she's a "native"!

Poetikat said...

I just came from Shazza's and they really did get it, didn't they? It ain't over, 'til it's over, right?

Your property is gorgeous! The dogs look like they're having a blast! They're in no hurry for winter to pass.


Winifred said...

That snow looks wonderful. We never seem to get that much, just the cold winds.

Love those photographs, funny how animals love the snow.

neetzy said...

The doggies love the snow! I love technology, but you have to disconnect sometime!

Shazza got hammered. We didn't get too much, but it was pretty. Most of it blew away today. I wanted to get some dramatic ultramarine shadows, but the sun wasn't bright enough. I saw those while driving around today.

This is the most snow we got all year! The cold winds came with it. I can't wait until spring!

PanAmerican Properties said...

Neetzy why don't you try planting some paulownia? It is excellent for reforestation and looks great i the yard providing both shade and beauty.

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dive said...

Brr … Snow sucks, Neetzy, but I'm glad the dogs had a good time.
Roll on spring!

neetzy said...


I want spring and I want it NOW!

Pan American Properties,

Thanks for the offer but Paulownia is an invasive plant species in Pennslvania. Thanks for the offer, but I will not plant any invasive species (I used to be an Envirothon coach).

the only daughter said...

Your snow looks great, especially since it's there and not here. :::knock wood:::

Pics are amazing.

neetzy said...

Only daughter,

Thanks. It's supposed to get up to 70 degrees on Sunday. Don't you love March?

Maria said...

God, but aren't you getting sick of this snow? I feel just...crazed with wanting spring. I have cabin fever something awful.

neetzy said...


The temp went up to 70 today. Everyone was coming out of the woodwork! People were outside, kids were playing. I feel better already!