Monday, November 3, 2008

Thoughts on Election Eve

Here it is Election Eve! The good news is that W will be outta here no matter who wins. The bad news is the extremely nasty anti-Obama sentiment. I have taken a few photos from our idyllic setting in York County, PA to show you what vandals have been doing to our Obama signs.
The campaign offices have been very nice about giving us replacements signs.
As you can see by the photos that the tire tracks are not unintentional.
Because we live in a "battleground" state. We have been bombarded by phone calls and mailings from the McCain camp. "Obama is a terrorist. Obama will take your guns. Obama is a socialist. Obama wants to redistribute your wealth.
Our fall foliage has finally peaked! This is a view about 1/4 mile down my road. More fall photos will be uploaded soon.

This taken directly across the street from our lane.

My students are afraid that if McCain wins, he will die and we will have Caribou Barbie. She seems just about a dumb as W.

When I polled my Art One class today a few said they liked Obama, a few said they liked McCain. The large majority of them felt very strongly that Obama would be assassinated if he were elected.
Scary thoughts.


dive said...

Scary thoughts, Neetzy, but beautiful photographs. What a gorgeous place to live. I am so jealous!

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive,

We do live in a beautiful place. I'll be posting more! I took a ton of fall photos over the weekend. Some of the inhabitants of this beautiful place are however, total and complete idiots. I am not criticizing those who vote differently from me as being idiots. I understand differences of opinion, but vandalizing a person's property because you do not happen to agree with them is ignorant and idiotic.

dive said...

Sigh … The brainless will always be with us.
I'd have employed a stinger, hidden in the grass about a foot back from the edge of the road. You'd have had a nice crop of cars stuck on your lawn for the police to tow away.
And you could have plastered them with Obama sickers while you waited.

dive said...

Stickers, even.
Typo hell strikes again

Shazza said...

You can see the tire marks heading for that sign!


Her Eye Zone Art said...

It's truly sad to see the vandalism, but the photographs of the foliage are beautiful. My family and friends in Colorado voted for Obama. Keeping my fingers, legs and eyes crossed. :+P

neetzy said...


We did employ a stinger, a 2x4 board with large nails directly under the sign. I was hoping to find a disabled vehicle down the road (lol). Husband's Obama sticker was vandalized with a "fuck" over Obama. Husband covered it with his "I voted" sticker.


I didn't even post the best photo!
It is much worse than it appears.

Her eye zone,

Thanks. I have even better foliage photos! I will use them as painting reference all winter. If I am in a good mood tomorrow or Thursday I may post some!

dive said...

Be smug!
Stand out there today with a big fat grin plastered over your face and wave happily to the redneck shitheads as they drive past.

You did it, guys!
The world says thank you!

Her Eye Zone Art said...

Congrats to us on Obama's win!!! :)

neetzy said...

Dive, Her eye zone,

Yay for Obama!
I still hope those assholes are stranded with a flat tire on some back road.